Gummi-Snaps Candy Tree

From Torie & Howard

Candy Tree craft

What You’ll Need:




Go outdoors and search for the perfect stick, preferably one with many side branches. If you can’t find your perfect stick, you can combine multiple smaller ones in one vase.



Candy Tree craft_sticks and Gummi-Snaps



Grab a bowl or plate for the Gummi-Snaps candies. This works easier when you’re crafting with kiddos around.

Pro tip: Introduce some Gummi-Snaps math or color sorting here, too!


Gummi-Snaps on plate



Preheat the glue gun and place the gun on a piece of cardboard or old plate in case it leaks
glue. Help the young kids put the glue on the candies. Older kids might be able to use a glue gun themselves.

Hold the candies on the branch for 10 seconds until they are secure. You can ask your
child to count to ten with each candy piece for extra math practice.



Gummi-Snaps and glue gun



Make sure all side branches are decorated with colorful Gummi-Snaps candies.

When the branch is fully decorated, place your candy tree in a nice vase. In the vase, you can
add some old newspaper pages to make sure the jellybean tree is secure. 

And that’s it! 🙂

Completed candy tree craft
Step by step directions for Candy Tree craft

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