Easter Garland Craft

From Torie & Howard

Easter garland with spring flowers

What You’ll Need:

  • Craft template 
  • Torie & Howard Organic Candy (for filling your carrots)
  • Colored paper, orange for the carrots and any nice color for your bunnies 
  • Green ribbon 
  • Colorful pom-poms  
  • String 
  • Raffia/hay for inside the carrot (optional) 
  • Scissors
  • Glue (glue stick and hot glue gun)  
  • Hole puncher 


01. Gather your supplies


Gather the craft supplies and print the template (right click the image and save to your desktop, then print). 



Craft Template

02. Make your carrots


Cut out the carrot template and trace the carrot a few times on orange paper. Be sure to copy the inside lines as well.


Carrot step 1



Cut out your remaining orange carrots. 


Carrot step 2



Fold your carrot along the dashed lines and make two small round holes with a puncher. Glue your carrots together.


Carrot step 3


Use any kind of raffia/hay for inside your carrot (optional). Fill your carrots with candy and close them with a green ribbon.


Carrot step 4

03. Make your bunnies


Cut out the bunny template and trace the bunny a few times on any color paper of your choosing. 



Bunny step 1


Cut out your remaining bunnies.


Bunny step 2


Add the colorful pom-poms (tails) to the bunnies. We recommend using a hot glue gun.


Bunny step 4


Hang the bunnies and carrots and enjoy your creation! Hoppy Easter!


Easter garland with spring flowers
Carrot step overview
Bunny steps overview

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