Lei Craft

with Torie & Howard Organic Candy

Lei Craft on Model

What You’ll Need:




Gather the craft supplies and watch the craft tutorial (video below).

Roll out a piece of clear foil.



Lei craft materials



Arrange the candy evenly on the clear foil (see video). We placed 5 times a small hand of candy on the foil. Try to keep about 1-inch wide spaces between the candy. 

Wrap the foil around the candy and secure with a piece of tape between each candy section. Now you have ½ of your lei. Repeat this process, so you end up with two ½ leis.

Lei craft materials



Tape the two ends of each candy lei together, so you end up with one big lei. 



Completed lei craft



Cut 10 pieces of ribbon (depending on the amount of candy sections you created). Each ribbon piece should be around 5-7 inch.

Tie each ribbon around the clear foil on top of the tape.

Completed candy tree craft

And voila, your lei craft is done!

Completed candy tree craft

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