Delicious Cotton Candy Made with Torie & Howard

Organic Hard Candies

With Torie & Howard® Candy

Cotton Candy Stick

What You’ll Need:


  • Cotton candy machine (the one featured here is a Nostalgia Brand machine that is specifically for hard candy)


  • An assortment of organic hard candy from Torie & Howard


01. Prep Your Creation Station


Set up the machine and have your hard candies handy. 

Cotton candy machine

02. Place Candies Into Machine


Place your preferred flavor(s) into the dish of the machine. The heated extractor head will start turning the confections into the cotton candy texture you love. 

Placing the Hard Candy

03. Spin Cotton Candy Onto Cone


Use the cone (included with the machine) to gather the colorful cotton candy into a cone of sweet perfection. 

Spinning the Cotton Candy

04. Enjoy!


Munch on your mouthwatering cotton candy creation! 

Cotton Candy Stick

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