Stained Glass Cookies

From Torie & Howard

Stained Glass Cookies from Torie & Howard

What You’ll Need:




Unwrap assorted flavors of Torie & Howard Hard Candy. Transfer each flavor into a
separate sealed bag. Using a rolling pin, crush the candy into bits and pieces.

Prepare the sugar cookie dough according to the package/recipe instructions.

Roll the dough across a flat surface. Using a large cookie cutter, cut the dough into desired shape. Transfer cookies to a baking sheet. Using a smaller cookie cutter, cut out
the center (*it’s easiest to cut out the center after already transferring the cookies to a
baking sheet). Fill the center of each cookie with crushed candy.

Bake cookies according to package/recipe instructions. Let cookies cool. Enjoy!


Stained Glass Cookies on Cooling Rack

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